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Name's Sam, despite the url. (sammy0295 has been my username for nearly everything since my mother made me my first email. I did not pick it and I will not change it. (I have never in my life gone by Sammy outside of this context (though I have on occasion been called it).))

I really like neocites and like, old web stuff. And I like fuckin around in html. So I'm here mostly as an excuse to do that and get in on those vibes. The problem of course is that I'm bad at like, talking about myself (and in general). Which leaves me with the question of what to make a website about. ("Oh you can make a neocities about anything!" The opposite of helpful. (Though I admit to having suggested the same to my sibling.))

The answer to that question is mostly going to be a catalogue of media I consume (The List). When the mood strikes me I'll get around to making shrines for stuff and such. And I may think of other things to do around here. Someday.

So look forward to me rambling about whatever I happen to be playing or watching and having thoughts about.


6/5/24: Linksss.

4/2/24: List update.

3/11/23: Shiny new on-site guestbook, courtesy of Ayano.

30/10/23: Added a blog page. Some new stuff on the List.

10/10/23: Added to the List.

17/09/23: The List is pretty now. And has new content. And finally broke the seal on my resistance to learning/using Javascript.

11/08/23: Added links page. And a few things to The List.

29/06/23: Site is live and ready to go. Including pages for Shadow the Hedgehog and Overwatch.

21/06/23: Been thinkin about it for a while but finally put pen to paper (finger to key?) on this site.